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Fleximedia - Plugin Vimeo

Vimeo plugin allows you to access your videos hosted on Youtube, to your playlist and you can find videos and share them directly from your website with Fleximedia.

1. Preamble

The setup is simple, just a first step to create a new field by clicking on the "New" button in the fields page


In the second area, we find the plugin parameters. Before linking your Vimeo account with your website, it is necessary to save the field.

vimeo 1

2. Connection

Once saved, a link "Connec to Vimeo appears".

vimeo 2

Click on it, and you'll be redirect to Vimeo plugin asking you to authorize the application.

vimeo 3

Once authorized, you are redirected to the site, and you can see that everything went well:

vimeo 4

3. Parameters

You can manage some options about the plugin like activated autostart, loop... change default thumbnail, choose delete or not video from Vimeo.

vimeo 5

As with other plugins, you also have to display parameters.

vimeo 6

4. Media upload

To upload a video to Vimeo, this is equivalent to upload any other media. (see introduction tutorial).
The only difference is that you have to choose Vimeo:

vimeo 9

5. Create a media with a video hosted on Vimeo

To create a media which contain a video hosted on Vimeo, simply in the new media page, click on the "Vimeo" button.

vimeo 8

A new window opens, and you have a list of your videos. You also have the option of choosing a video from Vimeo by searching.

vimeo 7

6. Advanced users **

For advanced users, you can use your own Vimeo application. In fact, when you have an active application, and and you want to use it, just go to the settings field in the "Advanced Settings plugin" and fill in the following information tab:

 personnal field

Given That Vimeo application provided by Flexmedia is functional, we won't support the creation of personnal application.



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