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Fleximedia - Thumbnails generation


To set thumbnails of your medias is important. Indeed thumbnails are widely used (especially in the category pages) to display a preview of an image for example. It can also be used to add a visual to PDF document, or set the poster of a video.

Fleximedia provides advanced management of your media's thumbnails, it is both simple and powerful. Three different methods are available, in this tutorial, we will detail how each of them works.

Thumbnails generation parameters are defined in the type configuration. We shall therefore assume you need to change the settings for generating thumbnails of all your image medias. Go to the image type parameters, and unfold the Thumbnail generation parameters section. (see image below).


The three generation methods are the three options available for the Source of the miniature field.


Method nb. 1 : the main field

The first method is to let the main field generate thumbnail of the media. This is the default method because it is the most direct and intuitive. If you add a new image media, it is the main field of this type that will generate the thumbnail of the media. Depending on the plugin used by the field, some fields can also manage generation parameters at their own level. This is for example the case of the image plugin.

If we go into the configuration of the image field which is the image type main field, on the right you will find a settings section for the thumbnail generation. As I explained a little earlier, these settings are specific to the plugin used. Also, some plugins may not include thumbnail settings.


If we look a little closer at the available settings of the image plugin, we see that it is possible to override some options. The treatment method may be useful in some cases. You also have the option to include a watermark on your thumbnails.


Method nb 2 : the custom field

Back in the Image Type setting, the second choice of the Source of the thumbnail parameter is the Custom Field. The principle is the same as for the main field option, the difference here is that you can redefine the field that will be used to generate the thumbnail of the media. Note that only the fields related to plugins that can generate a thumbnail will be available in this list.

If you choose this option, the field defined for the generation of the thumbnail will be the one you set in the Custom field setting. If you do not see the advantage of this option, consider for example the case of the Video type. Fleximedia is not able to dynamically generate a thumbnail from a video, this is why the image below, I've uploaded a media type Video (faune.wmv), for which supstitution image video is used for the thumbnail.


To overcome this problem, allowing us to manually select the thumbnail of the video, it is quite possible, however, to use an image field dedicated to this function.

To do this, go to the creation of a new field that we call Video thumbnail (see image below).


Choose the image plugin for this new field and do not forget to join the Video type. Once the information is checked, click Save & Close and go to configuring the Video type.


The Source of the thumbnail option is set to Custom Field, select Video thumbnail for the Custom Field option.

That's it! The setup is complete, you can now go to the video edition and see a new edit box has appeared. Add it as a picture and click Save & close. You find a nice surprise with the video thumbnail has been changed.

Méthod nb 3 : Path

Cette méthode est la plus facile à utiliser, choisissez simplement un fichier image dans le champ Chemin à l'aide du bouton Sélectionner. L'image sélectionnée sera tout simplement utilisée comme miniature des médias de ce type.

This method is the easiest to use, just select an image file in the Path field with the Select button. The selected image will simply be used as a thumbnail for all the medias of this type.

Some details

  • A thumbnail is generated dynamically on the first access to a page where the thumbnail is displayed. Once the thumbnail generated and cached, Fleximedia will not generate it again. This means that if you change the thumbnail of a media, you may need to clear the thumbnails cache to see the change take effect. To do this, go to the Medias menu, then click the Clear thumbnails button in the toolbar.




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