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Fleximedia - Plugin Dropbox

Dropbox plugin allows you direct access to all your files, share them, and to be able to upload from Fleximedia.

1 . Preamble

Setup is simple, just a first step to create a new field by clicking on the "New" button in the page fields.


So you get the interface for creating field with the area "Details of the field", where you specify a name for the plugin, the plugin "Dropbox", and attach to an existing type.

dropbox 1

In the second area, we find the plugin parameters. Before you begin to link your Dropbox account to your site, it is necessary to save the field as shown.

dropbox en 2

2. Connection

After saving field, a link "Connect" appears.

After clicking it, a new window opens and you get on the Dropbox website asking you to allow the application.

dropbox 3

Once authorized, Dropbox generates a code for you to copy.

dropbox 4

It will just copy the code in the input "Dropbox code" of the publishing field page.

dropbox 5

To continue the connection process, save the field, and you'll see this message :

dropbox en 3

A final check of the field, and you are now connected to your Dropbox account, and can use it.

dropbox en 4

3. Parameters

However, before we go any further, and if you plan to upload files directly to Dropbox from your website, it is necessary to choose an existing folder, otherwise you will not able to upload. By default, the file is "/", which is the root of your Dropbox account. To use an other folder like "Fleximedia Folder", the good syntax is :       /Fleximedia Folder

dropbox en 5

As you can see, you also have the display settings that allow you to manage the display of file size in the item view. Depending on file type, the display will be different. If it's a video, it will be a player.

dropbox en 6

There is also the ability to manage the thumbnails generation.

dropbox en 7

4 . Media upload

To upload a file to Dropbox, it is equivalent to upload any other media (see introduction tutorial)

The only difference is that we choose the Dropbox field:

dropbox 16

5. Create a media with a hosted file on Dropbox

To create a media that contain a file hosted on Dropbox, simply in the new media page, click on the "Dropbox" button :

dropbox 13

A new window opens, and you have a list of your folders and files.

dropbox 14

dropbox 15

To select the file, click on it. You can now close the window that was open, and see the file in the download area.

dropbox 18

6. Advanced users **

For advanced users, you can use your own Dropbox application. In fact, when you have an active application, and and you want to use it, just go to the settings field in the "Advanced Settings plugin" and fill in the following information tab:

personnal field

Given that Dropbox application provided by Fleximedia is functional, we will not support the creation of personal application.




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