Build an archive for flexIMPORT

Since the version 1.1, you can work with an archive to import your datas.
You need to follow some rules to build your archive and make it compatible with flexIMPORT.

The rules are :

  • For the moment only zip archive are allowed.
  • You can process all the type that you want if it's supported by your flexIMPORT (csv, xml...)
  • The name of the file in the archive that you want to process must be the same name that the archive with the extension of the type, and must be placed at the root of the archive.
    Example :
    If you want to import with CSV's type and your archive's name is, your file must be named fleximport.csv.
  • The supported attachment work for files and pictures.
  • You can use folder and subfolder as you want in your archive but after you need to specify the path to the file in the process file.
  • You can use a manual or an automatic import, to process a zip file.
A simple example of a archive file compatible with flexIMPORT : download here 



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