Automate your import / export with cron task

Since flexIMPORT 1.7.3 a new function is avalaible. You can run a script to execute directly flexIMPORT and so automate it with cron task.

To set it, follow the next steps :

- Upgrade your flexIMPORT with the last version
- Install the new flexIMPORT system plugin and enable it.
- Go to the flexIMPORT general parameters, and allow it to run cron tasks.
- Edit the flexIMPORT type that you want to import/export automatically, and make a copy of the script link
- Create your cron task
- Test it !

WARNING : a import (or export) task with flexIMPORT must run in single instance . 2 Tasks running in the same time are not allower and can cause some bugs !

Tip : For the export you can use an additional parameter 'filter' to use the filters recorded in flexIMPORT. For example :

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